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Hosted Voice also know as Voice over IP telephony

Hosted Voice has been designed for organisations that want a flexible and scalable communications platform, without having to buy and maintain equipment or make a long term commitment. Hosted at a secure data centre the voice platform provides all the functionality to manage your incoming and outgoing calls.

Handsets are connected at your premises via a dedicated secure connection to the voice platform using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allowing multiple users to access the system simultaneously and enjoy all the benefits of a state of the art system.

Costs are kept to a minimum as you simply pay a low monthly rental for each user and multiple simultaneous calls can be made and received using a single dedicated connection.

Benefits at a glance:

  • - Pre-configured for quick & easy installation
  • - Full functionality without the need to buy a system
  • - No installation or annual maintenance charges
  • - Inclusive calls to UK landlines & mobiles
  • - Keep your existing phone numbers
  • - 24/7/365 support
  • - Connect homeworkers and other offices with free inter-site calling
  • - Add & remove users seamlessly as your organisation evolves
  • - Moving office: keep all your phone numbers and simply re-plug the service in at your new location

Each user receives:

  • - Voicemail - personalised greeting, with voice messages forwarded to email.
  • - State-of-the-art display handset.
  • - Call Forwarding - divert calls to voicemail, colleagues or other locations when busy, in meetings or no answer.
  • - Call Pick-up - answer calls ringing on other handsets.
  • - DDI - personal telephone numbers to connect callers directly.
  • - Withhold number - stop your number being displayed when making external calls.
  • - Busy Lamp - see when colleagues are on the phone.
  • - 3 Way Conferencing - set up conference call with multiple people.
  • - Call Park - put callers on hold whilst transferring and speaking to colleagues.
  • - Speed dial - set up short codes for instant dialling
  • - Roaming profile - plug your handset into any Internet connection to make and receive calls as though you were in the office.
  • - Softphone - Plug a headset into your laptop or PC to make and receive calls from any location with Internet access.
  • - Call recording - record incoming and outgoing calls
  • - Mobile phone extension - connect your mobile phone to make and receive calls in the office or on the move.

100% of our clients are happy with our Business Telephone System service!


Company features:

  • - Auto-attendant - automated welcome message and menu option
  • - Call Queuing - automated queuing system to avoid missed or engaged calls
  • - Hunt Groups - route incoming calls to specific handsets and call forward when busy or unanswered
  • - Company directory - integrate with Outlook for automatic dialling
  • - Music on hold - reassure callers they haven't been disconnected
  • - Night mode - manage your out of hour calls using auto-attendant and call announcements

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